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Our Personal Financial Services

Lasting Guidance and Holistic Financial Planning

Based on a strong understanding of what you need, our registered representatives can offer a wide range of services and investment products. Then, they tailor and combine these offerings with financial education and forward-thinking strategies to create holistic solutions to last for generations.

Financial Planning

Our most popular and comprehensive service, financial planning at Advanced Wealth Management in Russellville, AR is holistic in nature. The financial plans we create for you are rooted in your unique values, are informed by your goals and timeline, and are driven by attentive service, a proven process and time-tested strategies. Our goal is to educate and provide long-term guidance for you and the next generation in your family.

Investment Management

As with financial planning, we follow a personalized process and time-tested strategies to design a personalized investment plan to help you pursue your investment goals. We’ll continuously monitor your progress, offering timely guidance to help you make adjustments along the way in response to your changing needs, goals and circumstances, including managing the risks and opportunities which arise along the way.

Retirement Planning

At Advanced Wealth Management, we specialize in retirement planning for individuals, couples and workers in specific industries such as nuclear power plants. We take an accessible, personalized approach to retirement planning, beginning with an assessment of your overall retirement readiness. We’ll assist you with all the details involved in planning for and transitioning into retirement, including investment management strategies, health care gaps and coverage options, wealth distribution and cash flow plans, and more.

Tax Management

Effective tax management can have a significant impact on your overall financial plan. As a part of our holistic approach, our registered representatives offer guidance to help you identify opportunities to improve your tax situation and keep more of what you earn now and in retirement. We’ll also work closely with your tax preparer and other advisors to ensure your plans are carried out as intended.

Estate Planning & Conservation

Because we care deeply about you and the next generation in your family, we work with you to help you protect your family and preserve your legacy for the next generation through effective estate planning. We’ll help you create a comprehensive estate plan, or review and update an existing plan, to ensure your plans are complete and up to date. We’ll also work with your legal advisors to ensure your plans are properly effectuated.

Insurance & Protection

Risk management is an important component of a holistic financial plan. Having appropriate coverage can help protect you and your loved ones from the potential financial impacts of unexpected and unfortunate events. The Advanced Wealth Management team can assess your risk exposure and recommend appropriate insurance options to suit your needs and budget, including health, life, disability and long term care coverage.

Entergy Pension & 401(k)

Advanced Wealth Management is situated in central AR, in an area which many Entergy employees and retirees call home. We specialize in helping current nuclear power plant employees make the most of their retirement savings and investment opportunities. For retired employees and those who are approaching retirement, we offer 401(k) rollover options and pension plan distribution strategies to help maximize your investments and income potential in retirement. See below to learn more about this process.

Planning With Entergy

Our Approach

We take an education-focused, holistic approach to creating financial plans that can help build generational wealth.

Our Approach

Our Team

At Advanced Wealth, we are highly accessible and attentive to your needs, resulting in exceptional financial service.

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Financial planning is key to building a lasting legacy. Let’s start building your plan — and legacy — today.

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