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Our Process

Our Educational Financial Planning Process

Here at Advanced Wealth Management, we value your trust, so we are open and transparent about our process. We have developed a timely, proven, educational process designed to incorporate accessible care and personalized attention. This six-step process enables us to understand you and you to understand our services, and it ensures that your plan will be tailored to your values, lifestyle and timeline.

Step 1: Get to Know Each Other and Establish Goals & Objectives

For the advisors and team at Advanced Wealth Management, forming deep and lasting relationships is a priority and a pleasure. At this initial stage, we’ll focus on getting to know one another. We’ll do a deep dive into your values, current financial situation and aspirations for the future, as well as our services and fees.

Step 2: Create a Personalized Plan to Help Move You Forward

With a deep understanding of your current circumstances and goals for the near and distant future, we’ll create a personalized plan to help you pursue those goals. You’ll have an opportunity to review our recommendations and provide feedback, which we’ll use to tailor your plan to your preferences.

Step 3: Collect Documentation & Analyze the Information

At this stage, we’ll collect the necessary documentation, which may include information on existing accounts and assets, insurance policies, trusts, wills and any other relevant information. We’ll analyze all the details to ensure we have a complete picture of your situation in order to move forward with speed and precision.

Step 4: Develop a Written Plan of Action

Once we have all the necessary information and clear picture for where you want to go, we’ll develop and present to you a written plan of action. This plan will detail the key actions, steps and timeline for implementing your personalized financial plan.

Step 5: Implement the Written Plan

Once we’ve obtained your written agreement to the personalized plan, we’ll move into the implementation phase. This step inevitably involves some paperwork, but we will guide you through each step with individualized attention and timely responses.

Step 6: Schedule a Meeting and Review Progress

Once your plan is in motion, we’ll continually monitor and keep you informed of your progress. At a cadence of your preference, we’ll schedule regular review sessions, in which we’ll review your progress toward your goals and make any necessary adjustments based on your changing needs and circumstances.

Our Approach

We take an education-focused, holistic approach to creating financial plans that can help build generational wealth. 

Our Approach

Our Team

At Advanced Wealth, we are highly accessible and attentive to your needs, resulting in exceptional financial service.

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