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Building Generational Wealth Through Education

Here at Advanced Wealth Management, we understand the lasting impact that diligent hard work and financial education can have on the continuity of wealth from one generation to the next. This understanding drives our commitment to equip families in the Russellville, AR area and beyond with a foundation of financial literacy. We do this through education-forward financial planning based on holistic strategies and by bringing the next generation into conversations about wealth and investment management.

We want to position you and your family to make informed financial decisions and feel confident in your financial journey, so you can focus on more important aspects of life, rather than your finances.

Service that’s Based on Attentive Care and Accessibility

Service that’s Based on Attentive Care and Accessibility

At Advanced Wealth Management, your exceptional experience begins with relational care and is carried out through attentive, accessible service. By forming a deep relationship, we can better understand where you are and what you want. And through accessible service, we can deliver what you need, when you need it.

Local Roots that Help Us Connect with Your Needs and Values

Local Roots that Help Us Connect with Your Needs and Values

We are from Arkansas and our firm is based right here in Russellville. We’re built from the same roots as this community, so we easily understand your needs, interests and values. We are proud and honored to be a part of this community and happily help families like yours build lasting foundations for the future.

Consideration for What’s Most Important in Life

Consideration for What’s Most Important in Life

Our team at Advanced Wealth Management understands that the most important things in life aren’t included in a financial statement. We believe that if we help you manage risks and protect your assets, you’ll be better positioned to invest personally in those things that are bigger than yourself, like family, church and community.

Our Core Values: Building a Foundation of Trust

 At Advanced Wealth Management, we are dedicated to providing a transparent and accessible approach to financial planning that empowers families to pursue their long-term goals with confidence. Our core values are the foundation of our unwavering commitment to you, your family and this community.

Education for Generational Continuity

We believe in bringing the next generation into conversations about wealth management, helping them better prepare to maintain the family fruit of diligent work and planning.

Accessible Care and Attention 

Clients rely on us to be ready and available when they need us. They expect us to be prompt and available, and we owe that to them as they trust us with their most important assets. 

Locally Known & Oriented 

We’re from here. We’re locally known people who share similar interests and backgrounds with our clients. We cherish our roots here, and we’re honored to know and serve our community.

Generous Care and Consideration

We believe that if we help people manage risk and protect their assets, we can help them find the freedom to do things bigger than themselves for their churches, communities and families. 

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Financial planning is key to building a lasting legacy. Let’s start building your plan — and legacy — today.

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We take an education-focused, holistic approach to creating financial plans that can help build generational wealth.

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At Advanced Wealth, we are highly accessible and attentive to your needs, resulting in exceptional financial service.

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